The Association shall:

  • promote understanding and closer contacts between Swedes and Batswana;
  • organize, support or participate in lectures, discussions and studies about Botswana;
  • disseminate knowledge of Botswana in Sweden;
  • promote and support social and cultural exchange between Sweden and Botswana;
  • cooperate with any organization or persons in Sweden for the improvement of Swedish/Batswana relations;
  • carry on any activities as are incidential and, in the opinion of the Association, conducive to the attainment of the aims and objectives of the Association.


Board Members 2019


Chairperson: Nelly Kabomo-Hogård


Mebi Hermansson
Lisa Lundgren
Inka Löfvenmark
Christina Malmius Engström
Julia Rowland
Ingvar Sundberg
Alice Wanger


Background information on Board Members


Contact the Board at info@botsfa.nu