The Association shall:

  • promote understanding and closer contacts between Swedes and Batswana;
  • organize, support or participate in lectures, discussions and studies about Botswana;
  • disseminate knowledge of Botswana in Sweden;
  • promote and support social and cultural exchange between Sweden and Botswana;
  • cooperate with any organization or persons in Sweden for the improvement of Swedish/Batswana relations;
  • carry on any activities as are incidential and, in the opinion of the Association, conducive to the attainment of the aims and objectives of the Association.


Board Members 2020


Chairperson: Nelly Kabomo-Hogård


Kerstin Jackson Main
Matthews Tungie Moseki
Inka Löfvenmark
Christina Malmius Engström
Christina Skarpe
Staffan Strand
Ingvar Sundberg
Mats Ögren Wanger


Background information on Board Members


Contact the Board at info@botsfa.nu