This is open to members and supporters of BOTSFA to publish articles, stories, reports or pictures. BOTSFA believes that there are many members who would wish to tell their story, publish a report or article, and invites contributions from anyone interested in sharing them with other readers. To assist contributors in formulating their stories, articles, etc., the Magazine will carry themes that will evolve with time. Feel free to come forward and say: it's MY TURN to share some thoughts. Suggested themes, with specific focus on Botswana and Sweden, include:

  • Articles on home village/town
  • Profiles of notable persons in the development of Botswana
  • Articles on travel and visits
  • Experiences of being a student in Sweden or Botswana
  • Reports from meetings



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Elisabet Jansson, BOTSFA member, has strong links with the Naro San in Botswana



Shanti Lo visits Sweden August 2011



Bachelor Thesis



Pan Walks



Graduation at Bright Faces
(Neo Chitombo's Daycare Center, sponsored by BOTSFA)

Brochure (2 pages, A4, pdf)

Brochure (to be printed back-to-back and folded, pdf)





Interview with Unity Dow








Home Village/Town



Travel and Visits

Reports from meetings